Downtown Jacksonville Office Space Hosts Nonprofit Art Gallery

Downtown Jacksonville Office Space | FemArt Series 1 from 5ivecanons on Vimeo.

The Downtown Duval Building was proud to host the Femart’s art gallery this past weekend, in the heart of downtown Jacksonville. The big event happened last Sunday, January 12th, 2020. Over 200 people made their way to 10 S. Newnan St. to see and study the beautifully crafted artwork done by local female artists.

The message of the pieces was to express the struggles that women “face” today, yet they continue to wake up each day and persevere through everything life throws at them. Each piece has its own story to tell, but so does the building where the art exhibit is hosted. The building holds historic value with its original concrete floors and wooden stairs, but has been repainted and renovated to provide the modern feel.

If you missed the experience, there is no need to worry. The artwork will be up the next few weeks around the building. You can schedule a walk through to see the collection and the office spaces available for rent by contacting: or calling (904)-479-6202. 

Of course this experience wouldn’t be possible without the support of the community. Not only do we appreciate everyone coming to view the art gallery, but we appreciate everyone who came to enjoy the experience of the building. Come be a part of the experience everyday by being a tenant at the Downtown Duval Building.

There are currently nine downtown Jacksonville office spaces for lease in the building. The building is conveniently located in the heart of Jacksonville where the river and various restaurants are within walking distance. As a tenant, you get privileges to use the 1600 sqft private outdoor deck space, on-site parking, and free wifi.

These downtown office spaces are a perfect fit for various business styles. Current tenants include an advertising agency, a therapist, equipment rental company, and investigators who look into cold case files. Along with the varying businesses, there are also varying room sizes and prices to accommodate each company’s budget and office staff. Not only do you get the privileges listed above, but as a tenant you get a “sneak peak” at all the new gallery paintings/ images around the building!

The Downtown Duval Building is looking forward to hosting many more art galleries by Femart as each new gallery brings a whole new ambience to the building. Femart supports artistic women by providing exhibit locations, teaching classes, and being involved in the community.

For questions about the artwork or Femart, you can find contact information on their website: To learn more about the building, or to find information on scheduling a walk through, check out the Downtown Duval Building’s website at: