Downtown Jax Office for Rent Looks Forward to Marina Development Bids

Our Downtown Jax Office for Rent is Excited for Potential Marina Development

The Marina

Around the corner from our downtown Jax office for rent is a half acre of riverfront property owned by the city. There has been talk recently of turning this property into a marina. The DIA will vote on whether they think a term sheet should be written up for companies to bid on. This term sheet would state the chosen company could build and operate dockage. The lease terms would include a 50 year lease, with a  25-year renewal option. Bids will open soon for companies that may be interested in helping develop the marina.

As a result of development, the DIA is hoping to attract more boaters to downtown Jacksonville. The marina will neighbor the new Ford on Bay site. Even though Spandrel, the company building Ford on Bay, was not interested building a marina, DIA’s CEO said there were plenty of other company’s lining up for the opportunity.

To keep up when bids will open for development, follow the Jacksonville Business Journal.

Our Office

Here, at the Downtown Duval Building, we are so excited to be right next door to the new marina. There are so many different developments happening around us constantly. Ford on Bay, a new marina, innovation corridor, and so much more. It’s a prime location for people to live and visit year round, see for yourself!

Certainly, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to watch downtown Jax evolve right before your eyes. Join our Downtown Duval Building today! Not only do all of our tenants have access to our free fiber internet, but also have access to our private balcony, conference room and more. Schedule a walk through on our website or call one of our team members today to discuss available walk through dates. We look forward to meeting you.

Jacksonville Office Space Ready for Clay County Population Growth

Clay County Prepares for Population Boom

Our downtown Jacksonville office space is always ready for change in our city, but is Clay County prepared for the population “boom” that’s coming? In the next decade, the growth of the Clay county population will increase by 46%. This translates to an influx of approximately 100,000 people!

As a result, the Florida Department of Transportation is spending $410 million to expand. Road projects alone will cost $130 million. To expand the system,  it will cost another $100 million.  However, these large expenses don’t worry the department. J.J. Harris told the Jacksonville Business Journal, “We know the growth is coming.”


Recently, first coast counties neighboring Duval have seen strong growth. Attraction to these counties came from the highly ranked school systems and generous amounts of land. But, vacant land is becoming more and more rare. On the other hand, Clay county has vacant land at affordable rates at the time being. Hence, why developers think the county will attract so many people to the area in the next ten years.

One company, The Parc Group, plans to take advantage of the vacant land before it’s all sold. In August, they purchased 3,241 acres of land in Clay county. They plan to turn the land into smaller communities. The company had success previously in Nocatee (border between St. John’s county and Duval), not too far from our home-base in downtown Jacksonville. Nocatee continues to be one of the nation’s ten fastest selling “master-planned communities” for seven years now. The Clay county commissioner says this emphasizes the confidence they have in the direction Clay county expects to go. The company plans to bring roughly 5,000 homes to the area. This will, hopefully, in turn attract more people, more businesses, hotels, restaurants, etc to the area.

For more information check out the full article on Jacksonville Business Journal’s website.

Our Jacksonville Office Space is Excited to Watch Clay County Develop

Many counties surrounding Duval county, where our Jacksonville office space is located, are continuously developing. The Downtown Duval Building is located in the middle of developing and growing communities. Contact us by calling 904-479-6202 or emailing us today to join the growth of Northeast Florida!

Private Office Space for Rent Near Multimillion Dollar Retail Projects

Private Office Space for Rent at The Downtown Duval Building

Our Downtown Duval Building has private office space available for rent right now! All available spaces are located on the second floor and vary in size and price. We offer walkthroughs at various times throughout the week. Our walkthrough times are flexible to ensure everyone gets a chance to see the space available!

Currently, our lowest rate available is $600/month for 134 sqft private office. Our last suite available for rent is located on the second floor. It’s priced at $2,000/month and is 600 sqft which consists of two private offices and a private common area. Along with these two spaces mentioned, we also have seven other private offices available.

All tenants have access to:

  • private balcony
  • pool table common area
  • community kitchen
  • private bathrooms
  • use of the conference room

Also, included in the rent price are utilities, fiber internet, and security. To top it off, these offices are located in the heart of Downtown Jacksonville near all the new and existing attractions. For example, Ford on Bay, building/expanding the Marina, new restaurants, and now new retail projects!

For more details and information on our available office space check out our “private office” tab on our website!

Multimillion Dollar Retail Projects Coming to Downtown Jax

While there are already many attractions to downtown Jacksonville, DIA (Downtown Investment Authority) is looking to implement more retail locations. The program plans to hand out $3 million or more to help support the incoming retailers. The hope is to make downtown more walkable and enticing to the community. Furthermore, the area of focus in the urban core is the Elbow and the Laura/Hogan corridor. Which, as you can see from the image above, surrounds our building!

The DIA wants to award fourteen grants in the first year of the program. Applications open April 1st (if all goes as planned). Recipients will be chosen based off their presented business plans, location to other retailers and contribution to retail diversity in the area.

To conclude, we hope the urban core can expect new restaurants, shops and other retail businesses to come to the area within the next year or two. To read more about it, check out the full article in the Jacksonville Business Journal.


Office for Lease in Downtown Duval Supports Community Art Walk

Downtown Jacksonville’s Monthly Art Walk

Our office space for lease in downtown Jax is honored to be a part of such a talented community. On the first Wednesday of each month, DVI hosts an Art Walk. The Art Walk has been a monthly event for over a decade now. It typically occupies over 15 blocks of space with community talent.

Over 40 galleries, museums, restaurants, and other businesses participate in the community event. There are street performers, live music, and various other visual and performing art pieces to enjoy. It’s only a four hour event but attracts about 5,000 art enthusiasts each event! It’s the perfect event to bring the community together, and for members of the community to show/perform their talents.

This Month’s Art Walk Details

As one could guess, this month’s theme was “St. Paddy’s” Day! At the event, JFRD Pipes & Drums, Aisling Grove, and First Coast Wind Symphony performed live music. The Lark, a multi-use space for local artists, was open for the community to walk through. Jacksonville public library even participated by “painting the town Green”. The library hosted a Green Marketplace Live which was a unique trade show for green businesses. Gili’s Kitchen, Super Food & Brew, and Food Truck Valley made food for all the hungry attendees. Everyone had a great time!

In addition to those listed above, there were many other vendors and venues open and participating in the event including; MOCA Jacksonville, Hemming Plaza Jewelers, Visit Jacksonville, and more! For more information and to keep up with details/specs on each art show follow Downtown Jacksonville Art Walk on Facebook. Or, visit their website:

While Downtown, Check Out Our Available Office Space for Lease

While you wait for the next art show, you can find our available space by searching these keywords in Google:

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Give us a call to schedule a walkthrough today! (904)-479-6202

Our Jacksonville Office Space Is Across From the World of Nations 2020 Event this Weekend

World of Nations Event 2020

Our Jacksonville office space is available for rent right across from the lot where the World of Nations 2020 event is happening!

This event is held annually in downtown JAX. It showcases the diversity that exists within our community. On average, there are about 75,000 people who attend the event each year. Of which, 12,000 of the 75,000 are children visiting on school trips. Everyone comes together to dance, share food and enjoy a day of cultural learning!

More specifically, guests can “travel the world” together. First, stop at China to share a plate of food. Then, travel to India to dance off those calories. Each country has a flag on display so you know “where in the world” you are. There are plenty of foods to try, artworks to behold and traditions to learn about. At each station you’ll find at least one person speaking the country’s official language. Put your skills to the test by trying to hold a conversation with them!

After traveling to each country, be sure to relax and watch the parade of flags float by. Each country will dress individuals in traditional clothing, carry their flag and greeting everyone in their native language. It’s taking place all weekend long right across from the beautiful Downtown Duval Building!

This years list of participating countries include:

  • Bahamas
  • Cambodia
  • China
  • Columbia
  • Costa Rica
  • Cuba
  • Dominican Republic
  • Ethiopia
  • Ghana
  • Haiti
  • India
  • Jamaica
  • Japan
  • Mexico
  • Morocco
  • Native America
  • Nigeria
  • Palestine
  • Peru
  • Philippines
  • Poland
  • Puerto Rico
  • South Africa
  • Spain
  • St. Lucia
  • Taiwan
  • Trinidad
  • Turkey
  • US Virgin Islands
  • Venezuela
  • Vietnam

*For more information on the event check out World of Nation’s Facebook page*

Need help finding our office space available?

Visit our website, search “Downtown Duval Building” on social media, or call us at 904.479.6202.

Also, you can find our office spaces available for rent by searching these words/phrases in Google:

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Meet Our New Neighbor, Ford on Bay

Downtown Duval Building Will Be Right Across from New Ford on Bay

In about two years, not only will we have the Hyatt, Florida Theatre, and numerous restaurants as our neighbors, but also the Ford on Bay! If you haven’t heard yet, it’s the latest multimillion dollar project happening in Downtown Jacksonville. The greatest part is, it’s being built less than 50 feet from us. We will get to see it be built first hand and be some of the first people to enjoy its’ amenities.

We are only a few seconds from the latest and greatest thing happening in Jacksonville. Come watch the magic happen while you still can! Call us at 904.479.6202 to schedule a walkthrough. In the meantime, here is a little information about the “Ford on Bay”.

The Top Bidders for Ford on Bay


First to present for the Ford on Bay project was Spandrel. Spandrel presented a mixed-use project they would like to build. It included two buildings on the available 8.4 acres that totaled 594,000 sqft.

A grocer and other amenities were to fill the space, but it seems a grocer would not be a viable option for space anytime soon (Read more in the Jacksonville Business Journal article). In addition, Spandrel plans to wrap residential, retail and office space around an internal parking garage. There was even mention of a rooftop pool overlooking the riverfront restaurant. This would create what Spandrel referred to as the eastern building.

On the opposite side, the western building would be primarily residential space. Having two buildings led to the creation of the pedestrian bridge linking them to each other. A big seller on their project plan was that the company proposed a generous amount of public space to integrate other big, potential city developments.

In the end, Spandrel was only asking for two parcels, not all three, saving the third space for the Hyatt to potentially buy.

The Related Group (TRG):

Later in the day, TRG presented a mixed-use project as well. Similarly, they presented a plan with residential space, a parking garage, riverfront pool, and retail space (including plazas). But, their plan differed in a few ways, one being the potential plans for a marina although nothing was designed or presented at the time.

TRG planned to host events in the retail plazas and include “high-end amenities”. For example, wine lockers, massage rooms and cigar lounges. A grocer was important to the community, but TRG said they had no plans for one, but were open to the idea. Although, a grocer, as discussed above, is not a viable option at this time.

In the end, TRG’s final project included all three parcels available leaving no space for the Hyatt to execute their right of buying the parcel to the north of their location.

For more details on each project pitched, check out JBJ’s article.

The Unanimous Favor

After presentations, the three scorers unanimously favored Spandrel’s project over TRG. Spandrel’s beat TRG in the following features/categories:

  • Multifamily Units (519 to 350)
  • Retail Space (74,000 sqft to 10,000 sqft)
  • Development Size (494,605 sqft to 317,100 sqft)
  • Budget ($136 million to $80 million)
  • Potential Profit per Sqft. ($66 to $46)

[Statistics from Jacksonville Business Journal, Feb 6]

Each project was scored based on a scoresheet highlighting important features. Overall, Spandrel averaged 86.67 points between the three judges, while TRG averaged 69.33. It also didn’t help that TRG had three lawsuits against them since 2017 while Spandrel had none.

Decisions on who the winner is will be discussed today on Feb. 21st in a DIA board meeting. We can’t wait to see who the DIA chooses!

Be Our Valentine at Our Downtown Jacksonville Office

Our Downtown Jacksonville Office Wants YOU To Be Our Valentine

First and foremost, Happy Valentine’s Day! We hope you have a great weekend with your valentine. If you don’t have any plans for the holiday, be sure to keep the downtown Jacksonville area in mind. There are plenty of places to eat dinner or take a romantic walk by the river. If you don’t have a valentine, don’t worry. Here, at the Downtown Duval Building, we’d like to invite you to be our valentine! We may be just a downtown Jacksonville office, but we want to be YOUR next office!

We can take a romantic walk through our available office spaces. Then, share some coffee and snacks in the kitchen. We can end the night playing pool in our common area or sitting and watching the sunset out on our balcony. If everything goes right, we can talk about moving your business into one of our spaces. It can be a short term commitment or a three year relationship. We’re open to different levels of commitment. Can’t wait to schedule our date! Our digits are 904.479.6202, give us a call valentine!

Have Another Valentine? Here’s Some Date Ideas

If you already have Valentine’s Day plans, no worries. You can still come take a walk through with us next week. But in the meantime… here’s some date ideas to make your Valentine’s Day one to remember.

Date Idea #1: Chocolate Tasting/Truffle Making

What says Valentine’s Day more than chocolate? And what’s more romantic than making your own chocolates together? Check out a location near you doing a class, or try it yourself at home. The worst that can happen is you make a mess in the kitchen and have to go buy some chocolates from the store. Or, they could turn out better than you ever imagined. At least you spent the evening with your valentine, that’s what counts, right?!

Date Idea #2: Go Ice Skating or Skiing

If it’s cold where you are, go ice skating or skiing. Make it as magical as they do in the movies. Hold hands, twirl, do an ice skating duet, go all out. It’s Valentine’s Day, celebrate big! Just be careful no one goes home with a cut up lip or bruises from falling on the ice. Lean on each other for support, that’s a true valentine.

Date Idea #3: Escape Room or Museum

Do you and your valentine love a good challenge? Or, maybe you don’t and would rather look at some artwork or history. An escape room or museum might be the most romantic and/or entertaining way to spend your Valentine’s Day. Just be sure to grab dinner first before you’re locked in a room or walking around a gallery for hours. Don’t want anyone “hangry” on Valentine’s Day!

Date Idea #4: Stay Home

Stay home? What? How could that be a special Valentine’s Day? Order in, or cook dinner together. Write each other a love letter to frame, or paint a canvas to hang on the wall. Then, watch your favorite movie together and fall asleep in each other’s arms. Affordable, romantic, and heartfelt. The perfect Valentine’s Day.

For more date ideas check out Marie Claire’s blog for many more ideas on how to spend your Valentine’s Day.

Before You Go…

No matter how or who you spend Valentine’s Day, be sure to enjoy the day. It only comes once a year, and it’s a special day to spend with a special someone. We can only hope we get our valentine’s date with you, but if you’re booked we will take a rain check. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone from our little downtown Jacksonville office!

Renting Office Space- Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Space

Renting Office Space

Thinking about renting office space? Maybe it’s your first time or maybe it’s your 50th. Either way, it can be stressful knowing which space is right for you (and your team). We are here to help! Here are some tips, tricks and helpful hints to make the renting process more enjoyable.


Unfortunately, many of us don’t have money like Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates. So we have to keep in mind the cost of renting office space. Not only do we have to think about a budget for rent each month, but also need to consider the expenses that go into an office. This includes equipment, utilities, employees, insurance, taxes, shared space fees, and more. Be sure to get a clear answer from your lessor on additional fees associated with the space.

For example, here at The Downtown Duval Building, we offer our tenants free wifi, free access to common spaces, free use of our conference room, beautiful views of the city from our balcony and more. We understand tight budgets as well, which is why all our available private offices are under $900/month. With the exception of the available suite which includes two private offices and a private common area.

Even though we provide many complimentary spaces and services for our tenants, that doesn’t mean all lessors will. Just be sure that all the fees and “extras” are discussed before agreeing to any contract or signing any lease agreement. It’s important to keep in mind that rent is never the only cost when leasing an office space. As discussed above, there are plenty of additional costs when renting a space. At the very least you’ll need a desk and chair to sit at (those aren’t free whether the lessor includes them or you get them on your own!)


Along with making sure to be budget conscious, you’ll want to rent in a location that’s suitable for your company’s success. Maybe having your bank nearby is important if you need to run to grab more checks. Or, maybe scenic views are important for your productivity or business. Being within walking distance to restaurants for meetings may be also be important. Whatever the priorities for your company and your team are, be sure your location choice supports your business.

An example of a prime location for many business owners is a place like Downtown Jacksonville. There are banks, gas stations, restaurants, libraries, hotels, the river, and so much more all within walking distance or very short drive. In addition to being close to everything, you are also close to many events you could sponsor or be involved with. This is a great opportunity to get your business’ name out there! Location Location Location!

Think About Your Team and/or Clients

It goes without saying that your team members are valuable to the success of your business. This is a reason you want to ensure your office space is easily accessible. This applies to maintaining quality client relationships as well. Not just in terms of location, but also office space in the building itself. If you’re on the second floor, you may require a space that is ADA compliant (so an elevator would be necessary).

Along with ADA compliance, ensure the building’s atmosphere fits your business style. If the tenants have a business style that is loud, you wouldn’t want to rent out a space for a business that requires a quiet atmosphere for concentration/content creation/etc. You want your team to be able to do their best work so your business can be its’ best self.

Many places, like us here at Downtown Duval, try to minimize distractions or noise from other tenants. This way each tenant’s workflow isn’t disrupted by anyone in the building. Our current tenants are listed on the properties website and/or listings. You can find our current tenants on our website: to do the research yourself on who your future neighbors may be! Also, you can schedule walk throughs at many rental properties to see the space(s) yourself and get a feel for the atmosphere in the building. We have information on our website to schedule a walk through anytime you’d like!

The “Extras”

Don’t limit yourself to settling for a 100 sqft. office space because it’s cheap. At the same time, don’t buy the biggest suite with the latest and greatest technology included if it’s not in your budget. There always exists a happy medium. The place where you can see yourself, and your team, working to create the best business you can be. A place that feels like a second home to you and your work family. Or, if you’re a one-man show, a place where you feel at home.

At The Downtown Duval Building we try to help you find the perfect balance. We offer each tenant use of the pool table at their convenience, access to the outdoor balcony, free fiber internet, use of the private kitchen, access to our newly renovated conference room and a few other amenities as well. Even with our smallest room available today, 150 sqft, you receive all these privileges included in the monthly rent. Find a place that treats you like a friend or neighbor more than a tenant.


We Want To Be Your New “Second Home”

We hope these few tips/tricks/reminders help you in deciding the perfect office space for you. Of course, there are many other factors to consider when renting, these are just a few of the “big ones”. We hope you find your next “second home” with us, at The Downtown Duval Building. We are always looking for new, friendly faces to be our new friends and neighbors! For a walk through or more information please feel free to email us at or call 904.479.6202. We look forward to meeting you!

Project Cold Case- 5th Year Anniversary

Project Cold Case’s 5th Year in Existence

The Downtown Duval Building is honored and excited to announce the 5th anniversary for one of our tenants, Project Cold Case. This past weekend, they held an event to celebrate their anniversary and over 160 people were in attendance to show their support. This was a record turnout for any Project Cold Case event. The event grossed over $21,000! The non-profit will use these donations to continue to help any family that happens to find themselves facing a cold case file.

What is a Cold Case?

You may be asking, what is a cold case? A cold case, as defined by, is “an unsolved criminal investigation which remains open pending the discover of new evidence”. Unfortunately, there are nearly 185,000 cases of homicide and non-negligent manslaughter that have gone unsolved from 1980 to 2008. Which means, cold case files affect nearly two-hundred thousand families.

How Project Cold Case Came About

One person directly affected by a cold case file is Ryan Backmann. A burglar shot Ryan’s father, Cliff, during a robbery on October 10th, 2009. Cliff was working a side job at the time for extra income to support his wife of 24 years, who was sadly dying of cancer. Within the first year following his father’s death, Ryan left his architectural career to become a victim’s advocate. About 15 months after the incident, a detective approached Ryan and his family. The detective explained that they had run out of leads, no tips had come in (despite an enhanced $13,000 reward), and the case was being “suspended”. In other words, Cliff Backmann’s case was now a cold case. Despite the horrific news, Ryan continued to serve as an advocate for other families of homicide victims until December 2014.

In January 2015, Ryan took an even bigger role advocating for families of homicide victims. With deep passion and a razor-thin budget of $1,000 and Ryan began his nonprofit, Project Cold Case. It all started as a means to educate the public about cold cases by publicizing the individuals effected using the internet and social media.

Despite limited resources, Ryan created a website that was initially designed to share photos of cold case victims. This let families know their loved ones were not forgotten and that people cared. Families then started to submit their cold case files, so Project Cold Case added a database to the website. The database began to list murder cases that covered a wide range of years. Which led to Project Cold Case working closely with law enforcement agencies across the country. With this added cooperation, families began to receive more support than ever before.

Project Cold Case Today

Over the past five years, they have grown to support three full-time employees. They also established their permanent location in an office space at the Downtown Duval building. The building is located in downtown Jacksonville just three blocks from the Sheriff’s office. The nonprofit also utilizes interns from the University of North Florida as well as community volunteers. These interns and volunteers help with various tasks, including updating the website.

The website now features the faces of over 700 unsolved murder victims. The added database houses information on 23,000 cold cases, including over 5,000 from Florida alone. Each week, the website provides a few “Cold Case Spotlights”. These featured cases are typically cases that have been out of the public’s eye for quite some time. Along with the featured “Spotlight” cases, local news stations partnered with Project Cold Case to help promote awareness. Any killer not caught is free to harm other citizens.

Project Cold Case provides assistance to law enforcement in various ways. The nonprofit helps with advocacy training, conference presentations and participating in the Florida Sheriff’s Association Cold Case Advisory Commission. To date, 18 cases featured on the website have been solved.

The Event

As previously mentioned, this past weekend a fundraiser was held to honor Project Cold Case’s fifth year of existence. Of the 160 people in attendance, many were the family members of victims listed on the site. There was also representation from law enforcement from multiple Sheriff offices, including: Jacksonville, Clay County, Alachua, and Seminole County. Included were also various police departments from all over florida, including: Orlando, Seminole, and Lake City. Even retired FBI, the State Attorney’s Office 4th Judicial Circuit, retired NCIS, retired DEA and a Florida Department of Law Enforcement DNA analyst attended the event. The nonprofit had great support from UNF with three professors, two interns, and a handful of students making an appearance. The mayor of Atlantic Beach came out to join as well. It was the largest event thus far for Project Cold Case and was very successful at that!

More Information

If you missed the event, don’t worry. You can watch on Facebook or check out their website: On the website, you can submit a case, donate to the nonprofit and see their database of cold case files. If you have other questions, comments or concerns you can reach the nonprofit by emailing them at:


Conference Room In Downtown Duval Available To Host Events/Meetings

Downtown Jacksonville Office Space | FemArt Series 1 from 5ivecanons on Vimeo.

Conference Room Available in Downtown Jacksonville

Looking for a space to host a class, meeting, holiday party, etc. for a small group of people? Be sure to consider the conference room here at the Downtown Duval Building, for your next event. The space fits twelve people comfortably, but up thirty people can be in the room at once. When you enter the room, you will see that mainly filling the space is twelve comfortable office chairs and one large conference table. The conference room offers other great amenities as well.

In addition to the great chairs and table, the room comes with free wifi, on-site parking, and an Apple server connected to a large TV. Meaning, the space is fully capable of displaying presentations, video conferences, or playing music for your event. We welcome outside food, drinks, technology and anything else needed to successfully host your event. If you decide to use the conference room, be sure to notice the historical aspects of the building and the modern twist it has been given.

For example, as soon as you walk in you’ll notice the original 100 year old concrete floors. In addition, the wood that makes up the winding spiral staircase is over 200 years old. Even some of the books in the lobby date back to the late 1800’s. While history floods the building, it does not feel outdated by any means.

Recently, painters repainted the lobby area and the outside of the building. The entry door is no longer a dull brown but a bright, inviting blue. The owner ensures that the technology around the building is all up-to-date and other cosmetics are continuously updated. Professionals remodeled the downstairs just two years ago in 2018, so when we say modern twist it’s a RECENT modern twist.

To view pictures and learn more about the building, visit: to get a feel for the beautiful space. On the website, you will also find pictures of the surrounding area. The Downtown Duval building is located in a “prime” location, right in the heart of Jacksonville, Florida. When renting the conference room you will be within walking distance to the Hyatt Regency Hotel, St. John’s river and various restaurants. Be sure to adventure out after your party, event or meeting to see all that Downtown Duval has to offer!

The conference room is available to rent today, so be sure to get a hold of us! We are flexible on dates and times as well, so don’t hesitate to ask us if we are available for a certain date or time. We can’t wait to host your next event!

Contact Us To Hold Conference Room Space

Does this sound like a space for your next event? You can visit the webpage and fill out the form to let us know about your upcoming event. If you would rather email us at or call us at (904)-479-6202, you can do that too!