Renting Office Space- Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Space

Renting Office Space

Thinking about renting office space? Maybe it’s your first time or maybe it’s your 50th. Either way, it can be stressful knowing which space is right for you (and your team). We are here to help! Here are some tips, tricks and helpful hints to make the renting process more enjoyable.


Unfortunately, many of us don’t have money like Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates. So we have to keep in mind the cost of renting office space. Not only do we have to think about a budget for rent each month, but also need to consider the expenses that go into an office. This includes equipment, utilities, employees, insurance, taxes, shared space fees, and more. Be sure to get a clear answer from your lessor on additional fees associated with the space.

For example, here at The Downtown Duval Building, we offer our tenants free wifi, free access to common spaces, free use of our conference room, beautiful views of the city from our balcony and more. We understand tight budgets as well, which is why all our available private offices are under $900/month. With the exception of the available suite which includes two private offices and a private common area.

Even though we provide many complimentary spaces and services for our tenants, that doesn’t mean all lessors will. Just be sure that all the fees and “extras” are discussed before agreeing to any contract or signing any lease agreement. It’s important to keep in mind that rent is never the only cost when leasing an office space. As discussed above, there are plenty of additional costs when renting a space. At the very least you’ll need a desk and chair to sit at (those aren’t free whether the lessor includes them or you get them on your own!)


Along with making sure to be budget conscious, you’ll want to rent in a location that’s suitable for your company’s success. Maybe having your bank nearby is important if you need to run to grab more checks. Or, maybe scenic views are important for your productivity or business. Being within walking distance to restaurants for meetings may be also be important. Whatever the priorities for your company and your team are, be sure your location choice supports your business.

An example of a prime location for many business owners is a place like Downtown Jacksonville. There are banks, gas stations, restaurants, libraries, hotels, the river, and so much more all within walking distance or very short drive. In addition to being close to everything, you are also close to many events you could sponsor or be involved with. This is a great opportunity to get your business’ name out there! Location Location Location!

Think About Your Team and/or Clients

It goes without saying that your team members are valuable to the success of your business. This is a reason you want to ensure your office space is easily accessible. This applies to maintaining quality client relationships as well. Not just in terms of location, but also office space in the building itself. If you’re on the second floor, you may require a space that is ADA compliant (so an elevator would be necessary).

Along with ADA compliance, ensure the building’s atmosphere fits your business style. If the tenants have a business style that is loud, you wouldn’t want to rent out a space for a business that requires a quiet atmosphere for concentration/content creation/etc. You want your team to be able to do their best work so your business can be its’ best self.

Many places, like us here at Downtown Duval, try to minimize distractions or noise from other tenants. This way each tenant’s workflow isn’t disrupted by anyone in the building. Our current tenants are listed on the properties website and/or listings. You can find our current tenants on our website: to do the research yourself on who your future neighbors may be! Also, you can schedule walk throughs at many rental properties to see the space(s) yourself and get a feel for the atmosphere in the building. We have information on our website to schedule a walk through anytime you’d like!

The “Extras”

Don’t limit yourself to settling for a 100 sqft. office space because it’s cheap. At the same time, don’t buy the biggest suite with the latest and greatest technology included if it’s not in your budget. There always exists a happy medium. The place where you can see yourself, and your team, working to create the best business you can be. A place that feels like a second home to you and your work family. Or, if you’re a one-man show, a place where you feel at home.

At The Downtown Duval Building we try to help you find the perfect balance. We offer each tenant use of the pool table at their convenience, access to the outdoor balcony, free fiber internet, use of the private kitchen, access to our newly renovated conference room and a few other amenities as well. Even with our smallest room available today, 150 sqft, you receive all these privileges included in the monthly rent. Find a place that treats you like a friend or neighbor more than a tenant.


We Want To Be Your New “Second Home”

We hope these few tips/tricks/reminders help you in deciding the perfect office space for you. Of course, there are many other factors to consider when renting, these are just a few of the “big ones”. We hope you find your next “second home” with us, at The Downtown Duval Building. We are always looking for new, friendly faces to be our new friends and neighbors! For a walk through or more information please feel free to email us at or call 904.479.6202. We look forward to meeting you!