We Fell in Love With The River – Again – Near Downtown Jacksonville Office

We’re at our Jacksonville office watching videos on repeat of our diapered kids running through the fountain, and choked back laughs and memories of beer soaked days at Florida Georgia tailgates.

Nostalgic. But we’re done crying about the landing.

Spending our days working in one of our downtown Jacksonville offices, and the evenings enjoying the city, we want to know what is happening on the river. How is the city planning to connect and draw people to the riverfront?

We got on scooters and spent the day exploring. We were quickly reminded of the beauty on the river and fell in love, grateful to be a part of the growth of our city with office space for rent in downtown Jacksonville.

We can say with absolute certainty that the city’s strategy to make the riverfront a priority – a place where people want to live and work – is well on its way.

These are our five soon to be Favorite Spots in Downtown Jacksonville.

1. Musical Heritage Garden @ Times Union Center for Performing Arts

Sure, it’s not the Gershwin Theater on Broadway, but the Time Union Center for Performing Arts has something better – a front row seat on the river.


The plan is to develop the waterfront area just outside the building into a musical heritage garden that will highlight musicians and composers with a connection to Jacksonville. This will add to the list of locations in downtown Jacksonville that will bring people together to celebrate the arts, the city and its people. A four minute ride from our newest office space for lease at 500 North Ocean, our several music enthusiasts will be there often.

The space will also host a musical play area for kids and an outdoor projection for movies and livestream performances. Hoping for an appearance from the 2Pac Hologram.

2. Exercise @ the RiversEdge Project

The Southbank riverfront in downtown Jacksonville has been vacant since we can remember. We are hopeful this project will bring more life to one of the most beautiful spots in the city with the best skyline view.

The vision is a sustainably designed mixed-use space over 30 acres. We love the earth, so we are on board when the city builds great spaces with minimal impact on the environment. The space plans to tell the story of Jacksonville’s medical facilities through exercise paths, art, and gardens

The RiversEdge Project is set to include:

– Four acres of public park spaces
– Large central riverfront park
– Active water access on a marsh boardwalk
– Boast slips
– Kayak launch

3. Food and Play @ The St Johns River Park & Friendship Fountain

Did you know that when it opened in 1965, Friendship Fountain was the world’s largest and tallest fountain? We had no idea.


Soon to join the fountain, which we’ve admittedly only visited once before, will be a full day of activities creating a vibrant, year-round space! Another four minute jaunt from our Jacksonville office at 10 South Newnan, we’re excited to see the next generation of diapered kids have a new place to run carefree and escape the heat.

The St. Johns River Park will welcome a splash pad, botanical garden, a play park, food, and a fully choreographed dancing jets show with music and lights. The entire area will be themed “Exploring the St. Johns River” telling stories of the river’s highlights in history.

4. Development of the Emerald Trail

Sounds like Oz.

While this project won’t be complete until 2029, it’s worth a mention. The city wants to build connectivity. A downtown with destinations and attractions around the city that are easily accessible. There will be 30 miles of trails, greenways, and 21 parks connecting 14 historic neighborhoods to the epicenter of downtown Jacksonville.

The hope is for the trail to promote social and economic development, foot and bike traffic to every area of the city, and a safe space for people living and working in downtown Jacksonville to enjoy the city outdoors.

The new trail system will pass right by both our Jacksonville offices, upgrading our lunchtime walks on the river to a guided exploration of the entire city.

5. Lerp @ Riverfront Plaza Park

Still seen in memes and social posts is Riverfront Plaza Park and the “Jax” statue. While we make jokes, it really is an upgrade.

From an empty building, flopped restaurants and occasional concerts to a central lawn, a kid play space, river terrace, a hotel and sky garden, restaurants, and bike and pedestrian paths to the main street bridge.

It’s going to be modern and beautiful, and a gathering place for everyone living and working in downtown Jacksonville.


Watch it All From Our Downtown Jacksonville Office

A few hours and spills later, we arrive at our office invigorated. The city is on the cusp of something very special. Our city on the river wants to connect people to culture, wellness, sustainability and economic growth.


We are here for it all.

If you’re looking to move your business or open a new one in downtown Jacksonville, check out our offices for rent in the heart of the city. Our historic buildings are restored architectural gems that have their very own story to tell.

Come hang out. Relax on our balcony overlooking the skyline, and let’s throw back a few while we watch the resurgence of downtown Jacksonville.