Project: Cold Case is a community-focused, not-for-profit organization. The downtown Jacksonville company came into existence for the sole purpose to help families who have lost someone to homicide. The name of the company derives from the term “cold case”. This is when a murder goes unsolved for at least a year and becomes stagnant. The case is still open however, investigators are pending for new discovery of evidence. 

When the company first began in 2015, the goal was to simply upload photos of cold case victims to their website. However, that soon progressed to helping law enforcement and working with surviving families. Although the organization takes projects nationwide – there is a large presence in cases within the Jacksonville area.

Project: Cold Case has a database of over 24,000 victims, and is currently serving thousands of families with advocacy, support and guidance on an as needed basis. The organization acts as a bridge between investigation and the grieving families. Their main goal is to showcase these victims to ensure their stories are not forgotten as time progresses. With over 185,000 cold cases documented in the last 40 years; Project: Cold Case provides an example on how these victims’ lives should be highlighted rather than forgotten.


The outstanding work done by Project: Cold Case is spearheaded right in the middle of downtown Jacksonville at 10 South Newnan street, a Jacksonville office building that offers nonprofits and for-profits, a private office space for lease. The organization is joined by many other for-profit and nonprofit organizations. Joining a larger group of businesses returning to the downtown Jacksonville area after the repercussions of Covid-19.

At the current location of Project: Cold Case, all office spaces for lease are currently occupied on lease agreements. However, as the property is taking waiting list applications, another office space is soon to appear just blocks away. Therefore, more office spaces for lease will become available for business to set up shop. With so much Jacksonville office space for lease coming to downtown Jacksonville, we are excited to see what other organizations may get the chance to make a difference such as Project: Cold Case.


If you found reading about Project: Cold Case interesting and would like to learn more or even find a way to help them out. You can visit their website at projectcoldcase.org. If you found learning about any of the Jacksonville office spaces for lease appealing to you, please visit our website at downtownduval.com.