Private Office Space for Rent Near Multimillion Dollar Retail Projects

Private Office Space for Rent at The Downtown Duval Building

Our Downtown Duval Building has private office space available for rent right now! All available spaces are located on the second floor and vary in size and price. We offer walkthroughs at various times throughout the week. Our walkthrough times are flexible to ensure everyone gets a chance to see the space available!

Currently, our lowest rate available is $600/month for 134 sqft private office. Our last suite available for rent is located on the second floor. It’s priced at $2,000/month and is 600 sqft which consists of two private offices and a private common area. Along with these two spaces mentioned, we also have seven other private offices available.

All tenants have access to:

  • private balcony
  • pool table common area
  • community kitchen
  • private bathrooms
  • use of the conference room

Also, included in the rent price are utilities, fiber internet, and security. To top it off, these offices are located in the heart of Downtown Jacksonville near all the new and existing attractions. For example, Ford on Bay, building/expanding the Marina, new restaurants, and now new retail projects!

For more details and information on our available office space check out our “private office” tab on our website!

Multimillion Dollar Retail Projects Coming to Downtown Jax

While there are already many attractions to downtown Jacksonville, DIA (Downtown Investment Authority) is looking to implement more retail locations. The program plans to hand out $3 million or more to help support the incoming retailers. The hope is to make downtown more walkable and enticing to the community. Furthermore, the area of focus in the urban core is the Elbow and the Laura/Hogan corridor. Which, as you can see from the image above, surrounds our building!

The DIA wants to award fourteen grants in the first year of the program. Applications open April 1st (if all goes as planned). Recipients will be chosen based off their presented business plans, location to other retailers and contribution to retail diversity in the area.

To conclude, we hope the urban core can expect new restaurants, shops and other retail businesses to come to the area within the next year or two. To read more about it, check out the full article in the Jacksonville Business Journal.